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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Carwashing Environmentally Friendly?
Washing your car in a professional car wash is the best way to protect the environment. We use less water than washing in the driveway. Our wash water is treated before it goes into the city sewer system. It then goes to a waste water treatment plant. Washing your car in the driveway causes the water to go into the storm drain. This drain is only meant for rain water. The soapy wash water ends up in our rivers and lakes killing fish and polluting the environment. At the professional car wash, the dirt that comes off your car ends up as cover at landfills and recycled for use at asphalt plants.
How Often Should I Wash My Car?
  We recommend washing your car every other week. Not only does it keep your car looking like new, it make you feel good driving a clean car.
Do I Need to Wash the Bottom of My Car?
  Washing the bottom (undercarriage) of your car is just as important as the body. Road film, mud and salt all work against your car's muffler, shocks, etc. Frequent washing keeps rust from getting started.
What Does the Wax in the Car Wash Do?
  We sell and use only brand name products like Turtle Wax, Simonize and Blue Coral. Any of these applied in the wash will protect your cars finish for up to thirty days. All include a two step process; a foamed on wax cleans and penetrates the surface, then a sealant is then applied to add shine and protection. For additional protection try one of our three hand waxes and sealants. These products are applied in our detail shop and produce a showroom finish with protection lasting from three months, up to one year.